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Presidents Letter: Step up and become a PTA Officer for 2014-15 school year.

Dear NHE/OV Families,

The NHE/OV PTA Board and Officers realize that being 2 schools and one joint PTA (NHE being Pre-K to 2nd grade and Oak View being 3rd to 5th grade) can make you feel that you don’t need to be involved because you are not familiar with one school, your child never attended NHE or simply your not part of school zone community, etc — We understand that feeling.

However you are part of the NHE/OV School Community and we are what make these two schools the best they can be for our children and community. The current NHE/OV PTA Nominations Committee has been looking for our next school year’s NHE/OV PTA Board during the last 2 months. We have had no one willing to step up and take on these responsibilities. It is true that being a PTA President, PTA Vice President, PTA VP of Fundraising, Secretary, Treasurer and PTA Delegate involves committing yourself to be involved in everybody’s children’s growth and development but the rewards of being involved in our schools make up for any time that you spend there. The school support staff, teachers and children know you, appreciate you and you get to see how their education works.

Without PTA Board Officers for the 2014-2015 school year the programs that are currently offered at both schools will be cancelled because they are sponsored by the NHE/OV PTA. This includes: After School Club Teacher Stipends, Cultural Art Assemblies, Field Trip Fee Shortages, Art Residency projects, Musical Instruments, the list goes on. The PTA also organizes family event functions such as: Bingo Night, Spring Carnival, Festival of Cultures, Ice Cream Socials, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon to name a couple. These events cannot happen without a PTA Board and Officers in place to decide how to spend the money and in fact raise the required funds.

PTA Board Members and Officers should have been nominated and elected at this point so that they could work with the current officers — We have had no one step up. I have served as the NHE/OV PTA President for the last two years and have enjoyed every second of it! The NHE/OV PTA by-laws are written in such a way that you serve a one-year term and can be elected to one more term, which I have done. My time is over but I look forward to training someone new to carry on traditions, rally the troops and continue to build our sense of community. Please ask yourself if you can find time to assist your children by being on the NHE/OV PTA Board next year. Once we get PTA Officers and a PTA Board assembled, they will be looking for people to fill in some smaller capacities.

We needed the PTA Board Officer positions filled at our April 1st, 2014 monthly meeting, your current PTA Board, are now asking for your time and talents to come forward as next year’s PTA President, PTA Vice President, PTA VP of Fundraising, Secretary, Treasurer and PTA Delegate. Please email a PTA Nomination Committee member to volunteer or call me so that we can talk about your fit into your NHE/OV PTA. If we do not find people to fill the PTA’s needs, programs this past school year will not be available to your children during the next school year.


Thank you for your consideration,

Kirian Villalta
NHE/OV PTA President

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