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Officer and Board Position Descriptions

Executive Board Position Descriptions
Elections are on June each school year. Seek the Nomination Committee or a PTA officer to get on the nomination slate.

These positions perform functions that are integral to maintaining and nurturing the PTA as an organization, and to broadening NHEES and OVES reach into larger communities. In some cases, one or two individuals can perform the duties of these positions; others require the work of many volunteers.


  • Preside at all meetings of the local PTA, the board of directors, and executive committee;
  • Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of this local PTA in order that the purposes may be promoted;
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed in the bylaws or assigned by the local PTA or by the board of directors
  • Review bank statements monthly and initial;
  • Represent this PTA at all council meeting or send an alternate
  • Create agenda and Facilitate monthly meetings

Busiest Time of the Year: Busiest at the beginning of the year but flattens out quite soon; additional special projects as desired

Vice President

  • Act as aide(s) to the president
  • In their designated order perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve; and
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed in the bylaws or assigned by this local PTA or by the board of directors


  • With the president, generate the PTA budget;
  • Prepare the annual tax return;
  • Inform executive committee, the board of directors, the general membership monthly budget reports;
  • Pay bills and reimbursements as required;
  • Oversee ongoing PTA finances;
  • Prepare and present budget report for each PTA meeting

For more detailed information on this position see our local PTA bylaws.


  • Record the minutes of all meetings of this local PTA, the board of directors and executive committee;
  • Be prepared to read the records of the previous meeting;
  • File all records;
  • Maintain a current membership list; and
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed in the bylaws or assigned by this local PTA or by the board of directors.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Recruit and support committee chairs for key fund-raising events.
  • Continue to monitor success of fundraisers
  • Recommend changes to fundraising objectives and strategies at NHE/OV.

Membership Coordinator

  •  Solicit and encourage membership;
  •   Organize events and opportunities to grow the PTA’s membership;
  •  Prepare materials, such as forms and fliers, pertaining to membership solicitation;
  • Keep an accurate and updated member list;
  • Prepare dues forms for Maryland PTA and MCCPTA monthly

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits volunteers throughout the school year with the Volunteer Interest Form.
  • Maintains spreadsheet of volunteer information and
  • provides volunteer information to Committee chairs in advance of events and programs.