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Instructions for contributing content to the PTA Website 

Please follow these instructions for submitting content to be included in the PTA Website.

  • Send your content via email to 1kirianv@gmail.com
  • Your email subject should include one of the following:
    • For NHEOV PTA Website
  • The deadline for submitting content is at NOON on FRIDAYS for the following week. 
  • Please be sure to include both an article title and article text.  (The article can be brief if you will be attaching a flyer or form that will include complete details.)
  • If you have a flyer or form, please attach your file(s) to the email in PDF format or Microsoft Word format.  For PTA-related content, we will post your document to the PTA Website and include the new document link in the article.
  • Optional:  You may also include links to external websites that apply.