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PTA Family Movie Night – Coco


Please join the NHE/OV PTA at our Spring Family Picnic + Movie Night featuring


Friday, May 11 at 7pm Outside on Oak View Playground

Bring your picnic dinner, blankets + lawn chairs. Some food for sale.

Join Miguel on his journey as he follows his love for music and his family into the Land of the Dead.

Fun for the whole family! 7pm Dinner – 8pm Movie


Únase a la PTA de NHE / OV en nuestra Picnic Familiar de Primavera + Noche de Película


Viernes, 11 de mayo a las 7 p.m. Fuera en Oak View ES Playground

Traiga su cena de picnic, mantas + sillas de jardín.  Algunos alimentos a la venta.

Únete a Miguel en su viaje mientras sigue su amor por la música y su familia en la Tierra de los Muertos.

¡Diversión para toda la familia!   7 p.m. Cena – 8 p.m. Película


Join us for our May PTA Meeting – May 1 at 7pm at NHE

Hope you can join us.  The draft agenda and key dates are below.

We are still in need of officers for next year.  We really need a Treasurer, so please offer to help if you can.  Please read more about the various positions and contact Erin Taylor if you are willing to serve.

May PTA Meeting
Tuesday, May 1
NHE Media Center
Free Childcare


Call to Order PTA Meeting – Erin (5 mins)

  • Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes from March & April Meetings – Kristy
  • Recruiting Officers for 2018-19

Lead Testing Discussion with Therese Gibson, Blair Cluster Coordinator (15 mins)

School Reports – Principals (20 mins)

  • Cline, OV
  • Geiger, NHE

Treasurer’s Report – Kirian (5 mins)

  • Monthly Fundraising/Spending Report
  • New Budget Items – Movie Night, Dance Party

Spring Events (15 mins)

  • Art to Remember – April orders for OV
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon at NHE on May 7
  • Spring Picnic and Outdoor Movie Night at OV on May 11
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon at OV on May 18


May 1 – PTA Meeting at NHE at 7pm

May 2-4 – NHE Kindergarten Orientation and No School for Kindergarten

May 7 – NHE Staff Appreciation Luncheon from 11am-1pm

May 8 – Teacher Appreciation Day

May 9 – Bike to School Day

May 11 – Muffins with Moms at NHE

May 11 – PTA Spring Picnic and Outdoor Movie Night at OV from 7-10pm

May 13 – Mother’s Day

May 15 – OV Parent Academy session from 910-1030am at OV

May 22 – OV Band, Orchestra Concert & Art Show from 630-8pm

May 18 – OV Staff Appreciation Luncheon from 11am-1pm

May 23 – NHE Spring Concert at 630pm

May 28 – No School for Memorial Day

June 5 – PTA meeting at OV at 7pm, Officer Elections Held

June 14 – Last Day of School

June 17 – Father’s Day

June 30 – PTA Fiscal year ends


April 11 – Chuck E Cheese Restaurant Night from 4-9pm


Come one, come all families and friends of NHE and OV to our last Restaurant Fun Night at Chuck E Cheese!

Wednesday, April 11 from 4-9pm. Free tokens, coupons and fun. 20% proceeds go to the NHE/OV PTA!

Hope to see you there.

Chuck E Cheese’s in Takoma Park, MD
1127 University Blvd East, 20912


¡Ven, ven a todas las familias y amigos de NHE y OV a nuestra última noche de diversión en el restaurante en Chuck E Cheese!

Miércoles, 11 de abril de 4 a 9 p.m. Tokens, cupones y diversión gratis 20% de los ingresos van a NHE / OV PTA!

Espero verte allí.

Chuck E Cheese en Takoma Park, MD
1127 University Blvd East, 20912




Testimony at MCPS Board Meeting on NHE/OV Capacity Concerns

The PTA wanted to share with you the following testimony that a member presented at the MCPS Board of Education Meeting on March 8 regarding capacity considerations at NHE and OV.  The text below is only part of the testimony.  Please see the links below for the full testimony and additional graphs showing capacity at the schools over time.

The PTA is committed to ensuring the needs of our students are met by MCPS and will continue to advocate for additional capacity considerations at both schools.  At this time, OV is over capacity and should be considered in any future discussions about solutions to overcrowding in the Downcounty schools.

For additional information, please contact Erin Taylor, PTA President.

Full Testimony

Graph of NHE Capacity

Graph of OV Capacity

Testimony in Support of New Hampshire Estates and Oak View Elementary Schools

MCPS Board of Education Meeting – March 8, 2018

The following questions and opportunities related to New Hampshire Estates (PreK-2) and Oak View (grades 3-5) elementary schools in Silver Spring are being submitted by the school’s combined PTA in response to MCPS’ Downcounty Consortium Elementary School Site Selection exploration.

Enrollment and capacity at New Hampshire Estates and Oak View elementary schools needs to be properly studied now to identify a clear plan for addressing current and future capacity needs at these two schools. In light of Superintendent Dr. Smith’s February 26 recommendation to consider a new school in the future and continue to monitor student enrollment at downcounty elementary schools, the PTA is asking MCPS to specifically study enrollment and capacity at New Hampshire Estates and Oak View, in order to create a plan that would specifically address these two schools. The PTA’s questions are: How would a new school outside the beltway or the planned additions at other downcounty schools address current or future capacity needs at New Hampshire Estates and Oak View? If those initiatives won’t address the capacity needs at New Hampshire Estates and Oak View, then how will the needs be addressed?

Multiple factors have changed since New Hampshire Estates and Oak View were last closely studied, which creates new opportunities for MCPS to consider how investments in these two schools could address capacity needs in the Downcounty Consortium:

  • Student enrollment and space deficits are underreported for Oak View Elementary School in the downcounty school site documents, due to the addition of new classes that are not calculated into the future enrollment projections and will contribute to the school being about 146 students (or 43%) above capacity (according to the schools’ principals). These enrollment projections need to be reviewed and corrected. Also, there is a history of inconsistency between projected enrollment and actual enrollment over time – from the 2013 Roundtable, to the 2014-2015 Downcounty Consortium Capacity Study, to the 2017 school site selection process. Can MCPS ensure that accurate data is informing the plans for these schools?
  • MCPS’ 2013 decision to continue the split-elementary school configuration of New Hampshire Estates and Oak View appears to be invalidated by MCPS’ current positions on demographics and school engagement, as demonstrated by the Richard Montgomery Elementary School #5 boundary decision.
  • For New Hampshire Estates and Oak View in Silver Spring in 2013, MPCS did not approve neighborhood PreK-5 schools despite the PTA being “overwhelmingly in favor of”1 PreK-5 schools along with all four civic associations. Instead, MCPS continued a split-elementary “paired” bussing arrangement of two of the county’s poorest schools. MCPS’ reason was that continued “pairing” would avoid a “significant”1 25.3% difference in the number of low-income students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals (FARMS) between the schools, and MCPS claimed that “geography is not seen by MCPS to be a barrier to effective engagement”1. This configuration of non-contiguous communities surrounding the schools increases transportation distances for students, minimizes walking access and requires students to change schools in third grade.
  • For the new elementary school in Rockville in 2017, MCPS approved neighborhood PreK-5 schools, following Regulation FAA-RA that promotes “contiguous communities surrounding the school” with “minimized” transportation distances and “maximized” walking access, and respecting community requests for students to be in close proximity to schools. MCPS did not “pair” any schools in Rockville, instead MCPS approved a 43.9% difference in the FARMS rate between the new Richard Montgomery #5 and existing Twinbrook elementary schools. No MCPS Board members voted for options that would have achieved less disparity as bussing would have increased students’ travel distance and time to school.2,3 This configuration of contiguous communities surrounding the schools decreases transportation distances for students and maximizes walking access.
  • The Purple Line will run directly between the neighborhoods assigned to New Hampshire Estates and Oak View, likely further complicating bus and family transportation between these schools, which already have non-contiguous boundaries and are also separated by two state highways. MCPS is addressing the impact of the Purple Line on other downcounty schools, however, could MCPS also specifically study and mediate the impact of the Purple Line construction and operation on New Hampshire Estates and Oak View?

In light of all of the above information, MCPS has the opportunity to reestablish PreK-5 programs at New Hampshire Estates and Oak View elementary schools to address capacity needs in Downcounty Consortium elementary schools inside the Beltway, while also creating fair and equitable opportunities for students to access the benefits of PreK-5 that are present in 95%+ of the county’s elementary schools. Would MCPS consider investing in New Hampshire Estates and Oak View as PreK-5 schools to address capacity needs in the downcounty?

The president of the combined PTA for New Hampshire Estates and Oak View requests a meeting with Superintendent Dr. Smith and the Board of Education members to discuss these questions and opportunities. Please note that the PTA is requesting this meeting in part because no representatives from these schools’ administration, PTA or neighborhood civic associations were invited to participate on new Downcounty Consortium Elementary School Selection Advisory Committee.


  1. Superintendent’s Recommendation for New Hampshire Estates and Oak View Elementary Schools, October 15, 2013
  2. Superintendent’s Recommendation for Richard Montgomery Elementary School #5 Boundaries Executive Summary, October 23, 2017, and Recommendations: Supplement A—Superintendent’s Recommendation for Richard Montgomery Elementary School #5 Boundary Study, November 14, 2017
  3. Video of Board of Education Meeting on Richard Montgomery Elementary School #5 Boundaries, November 27, 2017


Please Donate Today / Por Favor Dona Hoy

Please consider a gift to the NHE/OV PTA’s Capital Campaign today!  We are at $2354 of our $3500 goal this year.  Please give before the end of the year.  Your donation is tax deductible!

You can give online at https://nheovpta.com/pta-capital-campaign/ 

Thank you!

IMG_6341What is the Capital Campaign?

• The PTA Capital Campaign is an annual fundraising effort that runs from now until December 31 to benefit the students, staff and facilities of NHE and OV Elementary Schools.

• This is the PTA’s primary fundraiser this year, reducing the need for supplemental money making projects throughout the year such as selling wrapping paper and cookie dough.

Why Should You Give?

• 100% of every donation is spent on items benefiting our students at NHE and OV.

• The money the PTA raises –YOUR MONEY– goes toward creating a “WOW” factor in all areas of NHE and OV.

• Your taxes provide the schools with essentials but the PTA gives NHE and OV students the extra educational support your child deserves! Such as:

• Free after school clubs

• Fun PTA events like movie nights, picnics

• PTA Bingo Night

• Support for the instrumental music program

• Cultural arts assemblies

• Field trip assistance

• Artists in residence

• And so much more!!!

There is nothing to buy — just make a donation today to help us reach our goal of $3,500.

Every dollar counts!

3 Easy, Flexible Ways to Send Your Donations


Please complete & return form to your teacher with cash.


Please complete & return form to your teacher with check payable to “NHE/OV PTA”.


Please go to https://nheovpta.com/ and click on “DONATE”.

¡Por favor, considere un regalo para la Campaña de Capital de NHE / OV PTA hoy! Estamos en $ 2354 de nuestra meta de $ 3500 este año. Por favor, da antes de fin de año.

¡Su donación es deducible de impuestos! Puede dar en línea en https://nheovpta.com/pta-capital-campaign/


¿Qué es la Campaña Capital?

• La Campaña Capital es una campaña de recaudación de fondos anual que se extiende desde ahora hasta el 31 de Diciembre para beneficiar a los estudiantes, el personal y las instalaciones de NHE/OV Escuelas Primarias.

• Este es el principal recaudador de fondos de la PTA de este año, lo que reduce la necesidad de ingresos de dinero suplementarias durante todo el año como la venta de papel de regalo y la masa de galletas.

¿Por qué debería dar?

• 100% de cada donación se gasta en artículos que benefician a nuestros estudiantes de NHE y OV.

• El dinero que el PTA recauda –SU DINERO– va hacia la creación de un factor “WOW” en todas las áreas de NHE y OV

• Sus impuestos dan escuelas NHE y OV lo esencial pero el PTA da NHE/OV ES todo el extra que sentimos que su hijo merece! Como:

• Los clubs después de escuela

• El Festival de las Culturas de PTA

• El PTA Noche de Bingo

• Los programa de instrumentos musicales

• Las asambleas y excursiones • Artistas en residencia

• Y mucho más!!!No hay nada para comprar… Simplemente haga una donación hoy para ayudarnos a alcanzar nuestra meta de $3,500. Cada dólar cuenta!

3 Flexibles Maneras de Contribuir

1. EFECTIVO Favor de completar y devolver el formulario, a su maestro con dinero en efectivo.

2. CHEQUE Favor de completar y devolver el formulario, a su maestro. Haga el cheque a nombre de “NHE/OV PTA”

3. ELECTRÓNICA/EN LÍNEA Por favor, visite https://nheovpta.com/ y haga clic en “DONATE”. (Nota: PTA paga 2.2% + $ 0.30 por transacción)

PTA Events this Week / Eventos de PTA esta Semana

Hi all,

There are two PTA events this week that we hope you will join us for.

  1. Tuesday, November 7 at 7pm – Our Monthly PTA Meeting at NHE where we will discuss upcoming fall events and help needed, Mr. Geiger will speak about the new grading system at MCPS, and we will talk about ways to support families in need this season.  Free childcare.  Please join us.
  2. Friday, November 10 from 4-9pmFamily Fun Night at Chuck E. Cheese on University and New Hampshire Avenues.  Please join us for free tokens, fun games while you also support the PTA.  15% of food proceeds go to the NHE/OV PTA to support the schools and programming for your kids.  Plus it’s a half day at school so join us all afternoon and evening too!

Thanks for you support & see you next week!

Erin, Jebby, Kristy & Kirian
NHE/OV PTA Officers


Hola a todos,

Esta semana hay dos eventos de la PTA en los que esperamos que se nos unan.

  1. Martes, 7 de noviembre a las 7 p.m. – Nuestra reunión mensual de la PTA en NHE donde discutiremos los próximos eventos de otoño y se necesita ayuda, el Sr. Geiger hablará sobre el nuevo sistema de calificación en MCPS y hablaremos sobre maneras de ayudar a las familias necesitadas esta temporada . Cuidado de niños gratis Por favor únete a nosotros.
  2. Viernes, 10 de noviembre de 4 a 9 p.m. – Noche de diversión familiar en Chuck E. Cheese en University and New HampshireAvenues. Por favor, únase a nosotros para obtener fichas gratis, juegos divertidos mientras usted también apoya a la PTA. 15% de los ingresos de alimentos van a NHE / OV PTA para apoyar a las escuelas y la programación para sus hijos. Además, es medio día en la escuela, ¡así que únete a nosotros toda la tarde y noche!

¡Gracias por tu apoyo y nos vemos la próxima semana!

Erin, Jebby, Kristy y Kirian
NHE / OV Funcionarios de la PTA


PTA Fall Family Movie Night / Noche de Película Familiar de Otoño de la PTA

trolls 2Please join the NHE/OV PTA at our Fall Family Movie Night featuring


Friday, October 20 at 6pm in the NHE ES Gym

FREE FUN!  Food available for purchase.

The film is about two trolls on a quest to save their village from destruction by the Bergens, creatures who eat trolls.

Fun for the whole family!  Please bring blankets and pillows for seating.


Por favor únase al PTA de NHE/OV para la Noche Familiar de Película presentando


Viernes 20 de Octubre a las 6pm en la Gimasio de NHE ES

DIVERSIÓN GRATUITA!   Comida disponible para la venta.

La película trata sobre dos trolls en una misión para salvar a su pueblo de la destrucción de los Bergens, criaturas que comen trolls.

Favor de traer mantas y almohadas para sentarse.