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Update: Helping our Families During this Crisis

Thank you to all for your support of our volunteer-led gift card drive to support NHE and Oak View families in need! In just three short weeks, we have raised a total of $9,700. $980 in actual gift cards and $8,720 via PayPal and Venmo. We are deeply appreciative of your generosity. We’d like to offer special thanks to NHE 1st grade teacher, Sara Kopf, and NHE Special Education teacher, Alison Reside, who have spread the word about our fundraiser far and wide and have motivated their friends, family, and community members to donate.

We are distributing cards to the school principals and Linkages to Learning on an as-needed basis.

Beyond the direct need for food, we’ve learned that our families also need cleaning and other household supplies to prevent the spread of COVID19 in their homes.  Those caring for sick family members are so appreciative of the grocery cards to purchase disposable plates/cups/silverware, as well as cleaning agents and sprays.  And the Visa cards are making small dents in the bills that continue to come even after the paychecks have stopped.

While we initially planned our campaign to run for just two weeks, we have decided to continue our fundraiser. The virus itself in addition to the overwhelming financial burden it is causing are affecting our school community.  Please consider donating if you can.  And if you need help, please contact your child’s school.

Want to make a donation? You can do so via Venmo or PayPal. Please send me an email to confirm receipt of your electronic donation.

Venmo: @Michelle-Mosher-10
PayPal: moshermichelle@gmail.com (Please choose Family & Friend so there are no fees)
Email: moshermichelle@gmail.com

Thanks again for your generosity and support!

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