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CALL For NHE/OV PTA Nominations Committee 2013-14


According to the NHE/OV PTA Bylaws a Nominating Committee nominates our officers for election each school year. This Committee shall consist of “Three members (no less) who are current members of this local PTA:

We are looking to initiate a Nomination Committee early, to give the committee sufficient time to find individuals who are current members of this local PTA and who would like to consent to serve as an elected officer next school year for 2014-15.

Your PTA Needs YOU! Almost all NHE/OV officers have stayed on from last school year. But we have parents who have children moving onto middle school next year and others due to term expiration. Who is going to step into these positions?

Available Elected PTA Officer Positions:
Vice President
VP Fundraising
Delegate Representative

Members interested in participating on the PTA Nominating Committee OR if you would like to recommend yourself for an officer position, please submit your Name, and contact information to 1kirianv@gmail.com

Kirian M. Villalta  |  PTA President, 2013-14
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