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PTA needs volunteers for 2014–15!

A message from NHE/OV PTA president Kirian Villalta:

“NHEES/OVES is a terrific place for our kids to learn and grow. The PTA strives to make the family part of this. Studies show the more involved the family is, the better the students do. The family is the pillar of strength behind the child.

As a PTA, we work hard to find different ways parents, grandparents, and caregivers, can be involved. We collaborate with the school to ensure our volunteers are best utilized.

This year we need your help to step up. Not only are volunteers requested for activities around the school, we currently need 3 people to serve on the nominating committee (the committee that nominates candidates for the executive committee) and we need to replace most of the officers (president, vice president, treasurer) All of the officer positions listed will be vacant on 2014-15 due to term expiration or moving onto middle school. Who is going to step into these positions?

I am not trying to be a gloomy Gus, or guilt you into helping out. There is always something else to do, we are busy and over-scheduled. There is work, errands, the day to day activities that have to get done. But volunteering is a feel good thing, but most of all rewarding.

Visit the PTA website at https://nheovpta.com/join-the-pta/volunteer-descriptions/  to read details of each position opening next school year for 2014-15. Take a look. Is there something you are interested in doing? Do you have a friend you would like to co-chair with? Do you want to ensure that you have the best PTA possible next school year? Join the nominating committee, or recommend yourself for an officer position. It takes an entire community to build a PTA, come take an active role.”

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